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Here you will find helpful video’s showing you easy ways to fix, refurbish and maintain your sailboat…

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As much as every sailor would like to avoid storms, we are bound to run into one or two during our sailing life. This series covers the storms that we’ve come across – along with tips on how to prep your vessel to bring you through unscathed…

Sailing the East Coast of Australia!

Australia has been a stunning area to venture around. We have found peaceful anchorages, Jurassic looking landscapes, stunning reef systems and plentiful wildlife. If you’re planning on visiting, this is a good series to watch!

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We cover off our most often asked questions for viewers in our Q&A series. Get the low down through these vids!

Meg's Cancer Journey

In 2018 as we were sailing up the East Coast of Australia to set off for the Louisiade Archipelago of PNG, Meg found a lump in her breast that was diagnosed as Stage 3 Cancer. Find out what she learn’t and the healing path she chose!

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We're off to sea hey diddle-de-dee! After a quick stop over in Noumea we're making passage for *** *******! So excited to be able to share this amazing country with you! Have you figured it out yet? 🧙‍♂️🐑🌲⛵ . As for our passage. There has been a lot of pondering the weather routing on this one, as this stretch of the Pacific ocean has a reputation to be well wary of. If you're interested, I'm posting my usual daily 'Ponderings From The Sea' via our Yacht Tracker, which can be accessed via The Mutual Love Club on our Patreon Platform. They can get pretty funny! . Wishing you a fab couple of weeks wherever you are in this beautiful world ♡



Do you ever wonder what it's like to be an article of clothing in a spin cycle? We feel like this in our latest episode good people! Join us as Darren plays Strongman when we inadvertently drop our anchor between coral and rocks in a busy waterway. We provision for our upcoming ocean crossing at the vibrant Port Vila markets. Untangle ourselves from an undersea cable - then sail out into washing machine conditions as we depart beautiful Vanuatu on our next ocean passage. Link in Bio 👉👀



A fresh fruit smoothie after a rough night of squalls. Heaven! In my younger days you may have found me slinging back a shot of rum 🥃 So, what'd be your 'go to' pick me up for times like these?



Tootle-oo Vanuatu you have been so good to us! We have had the most amazing experiences in your country and we seriously don't want to leave ♡ But the cyclone season is upon us and we're on a mission to save our hard drive - so we're off across another ocean to the land of the ....... Patrons! Shush now 😉 How exciting! Remember to follow us on the yacht tracker xx



BOAT LIFE. It's sure to bring hundreds of lessons learnt. Living 24/7, 365 days of the year with one other person can be rewarding... and challenging. From rolly anchorages, to the constant of running from weather, smalls spaces, endless breaking gear and disagreeable moods. It can run even the best of couples into the ground. So, what to do? Find out the answer to this burning question, what the heck we're doing struggling in a hammock the size of a banana peel - and what's going on with our videos in the future. Video link in Bio 👀👉



On location. Deep in the jungle. Learning about Black Magic. When a bunch of curious school kids rock up. They follow us for ages practicing their english, saying 'Hallo', 'Goodniight' and 'Pleese to meet you'. Then skip off back into the jungle, giggling and giving each other 'high-5's' as we'd just taught them. Only in Vanuatu. The Happy Nation 🤙



Day 3 on our passage to New Caledonia see's us honking along under a brisk breeze, awaiting forecast stronger winds. Meg shares her tips on charting for an ocean passage and preps up a storm ahead of impending foul weather. Link in bio groovers! 👀👉



Welcome to 'A Day In The Life Of A Stressed Youtuber'. Friday night: Busy editing this weeks Ep. Hard drive goes on blink. Blink. Blink. Tickity-tock. Silence. (1am finds Meg meditating... Loudly) Saturday: Sail 32hrs through thunder, lightening and nasty squalls to get to nearest computer shop in small town in western Pacific. (The things we do!) Sunday: Shops closed. (Find decent internet. Spend day troubleshooting without success) Monday: Current reality. Warranty claim requires posting hard-drive back to Australia for assessment. Process may take up to 3 months. Back up hard drive passed this world last month. No replacement available. Praying that we can find someone who speaks good english, can understand the issue, and has a miracle fix up their sleeve! We have the most incredible footage stored on here. Please dear people. Let's all PRAY FOR MEGGIES HARD DRIVE ♡ #youtuberslife



Just passed our 14th squall for the day. Dazzle is down for a sleep. 20hrs to go until we make our destination. Too rough to do much. Have found a patch of internet! Amyone out there? Have a question? Hit me up!



Early morning brekkie before heading out the harbour for our big hike today. Who said cruising sailors need to live on dried goods and canned food 🍇🍉🍌



Day 2 on our passage to New Caledonia saw Darren taking the time to read my favourite book ⛵🌏 Have you seen our latest vid? It's a goodie! #sailingsvsarean #passagemakingvideo #sailingyoutubers #oceansailing #LiveYourDaydream



NEW VIDEO! Meg's cancer journey has put a halter on us for long enough. This week we're following our Gypsea hearts as we set sail across the ditch to New Caledonia. Join us as we start a mini-series on passage-making life - this week sharing what drives us and experiencing four seasons of wind in one day. Over the course of this mini-series, we will share our communication techniques whilst at sea, charting, weather routing and other handy tips. SUBSCRIBE and STAY TUNED. Link in Bio 👀👉🌏⛵

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