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Here you will find helpful video’s showing you easy ways to fix, refurbish and maintain your sailboat…

Storm Footage!

As much as every sailor would like to avoid storms, we are bound to run into one or two during our sailing life. This series covers the storms that we’ve come across – along with tips on how to prep your vessel to bring you through unscathed…

Sailing the East Coast of Australia!

Australia has been a stunning area to venture around. We have found peaceful anchorages, Jurassic looking landscapes, stunning reef systems and plentiful wildlife. If you’re planning on visiting, this is a good series to watch!

Q&A Video's

We cover off our most often asked questions for viewers in our Q&A series. Get the low down through these vids!

Meg's Cancer Journey

In 2018 as we were sailing up the East Coast of Australia to set off for the Louisiade Archipelago of PNG, Meg found a lump in her breast that was diagnosed as Stage 3 Cancer. Find out what she learn’t and the healing path she chose!

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New Video! Catch us this week 'Alone On A Tropical Island' in stunning New Caledonia! One of my most favourite videos to edit thus far. So much adventure, beauty and cool nature ! Head on over to the tube to watch. Link in bio 👉



New Ep Is Up! Fun with sharks. Link in Bio 👉



The sky here in NZ has turned orange where there should be light and it is a sobering reminder of the bushfires raging in Australia - and of the ever growing pockets of trauma happening in our world. If you haven't already please consider giving help in some way. Whether it be a monetary donation to a reputable cause, a hand to someone struggling with their groceries, or a smile to someone looking sad. You never know what has happened in their day. If you have been thinking of taking on a pet, consider a rescue animal. Consider also volunteering at a local animal shelter, at a beach clean up, or on tree planting days. These things all make a difference and are a great way to spread gratitude, to build community and to create a positive lift in our world. Whether you give a little, or give a lottle. It'll help fill your happiness bottle 🧞‍♂️



Look what popped into my anchorage early this morning. This mumma and calf were part of a group of 9 who were feeding in the shallows. They stirred up a bait ball right behind Sarean and were diving under her stern. It was magnificent to watch. Orcas are such powerful and beautiful creatures. NZ, you've got it going on!



Missing my honey ♡ There won't be a video out this week good people. The editor in chief has been down with a healing crisis, and with Darren away I have been struggling to get back on my feet amongst tending to Sarean, hauling groceries and playing the anchorage swapsie game. As I was explaining to one of our Patrons, a healing crisis isn't a bad thing. It's just that detox reveals the bodys weaknesses - then offers one the chance to heal them completely. In this, sometimes we need to surrender rather than fight. As you may guess, attaining a cancer diagnosis means one has created many weaknesses in their body, albeight some being genetic hand-me-downs. I am slowly but surely ticking off my healing boxes, however as with many journeys, I hit a wall this week and am slowly negotiating my way around it, whilst awaiting my honey's return with my medicines. This health challenge has been both easy - and tough. The tough bit being managing the effects of detox whilst living a roaming lifestyle and running this crazy filming enterprise of ours. Thankfully though, we have travelled this year through regions where people live and eat simply - so plant based living has been easy. I even learn't traditional healing medicines which continue to affirm the power in nature. I thought to share my story for those who may be struggling at the moment. KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED. There is an infinite source of love available to you. I find it when I am connected with nature, listening to beautiful music, or when meditating. It speaks to me in the quiet moments. So if you struggle sometimes a bit like me, I encourage you to get out in nature, lie on some green grass, inhale its earthy scent - or head to the ocean and chill with some deep relaxing breaths. And when you feel your shoulders relax, think of a time when you were happy. Notice when your spirit lifts, and you feel a smile creep onto your face. HOLD ONTO THAT MOMENT. Magnify it in your mind and feel it in your body. Laugh even. That joy is sweet! And a feeling that you can propel yourself into at any time. Much love good people. 2020 has a terrific ring to it don't you think?



Look out for Meg's Christmas rant on the tube for video-land. Happy holidays good people ♡



Current situation. Previously Sarean was lain on her side. Watermelon on the floor. Meggie catching the laptop. Not a word from Sebastian the traveling bear 🙊



LAST DAY to nab yourself some SWAG! Including Meggie's all NEW designs on Totes, Caps, Tee's and Hoodies 👕🧢 All proceeds go towards saving our Pacific season footage! Follow the link in our BIO 👉



New Ep is up on the Tube and this week we're showcasing our TOP 10 Anchorages in AUSTRALIA in an interactive video so that you can get a feel for each amazing place - so grab a pen and paper, sit back and enjoy! LINK IN BIO 👉



Quintessential New Zealand 🐑 I just had to!



New Ep. Up with the launch of our NEW MERCH - on the tube friends! This week we get smashed by a 30 knot buster while entering a passage loaded with FAD's and reefs at about midnight - then find ourselves looking at what seems a strange set of Alien lights... Link in our Bio 👉



Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends. We hope you have a wonderful time doing the things that make your heart sing ♡ Here are some flowers to brighten your day! 🌼 We've been out walking around the bays in Opua feeling so thankful that we have landed in such a beautiful part of the planet. It's an absolute delight to be connecting with all the greens in nature here and we're excitedly wondering what delights we're going to find at the Kerikeri farmers markets this weekend to stock our galley with. I wonder what you're all planning for Thanksgiving dinner? We both have a hankering for fresh corn on the cobb 🌽

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