Books for cruisers!

We have put together a list of books that we have found invaluable on board, from practical to reference – plus a few inspirational numbers to get your wanderlust juices flowing!

(Some of these links will take you through to Amazon, where we have tried to locate the best buy. A purchase from here, will gift us a small donation to our Rum Fund… Cheers! )


Sailing with Penny Whiting – A Step-by-step guide to the basics of Sailing This is the first book I purchased when I decided to get serious about learning the ropes. It covers all the basic areas clearly and concisely. A great start for beginners!
Cruisers AA – Jackie and Noel Parry This is a one-stop-shop guide to all things living aboard is both inspirational and practical – and is a fantastic resource for those planning to go cruising or currently underway.
Small Ships Manual An extensive resource and an absolute MUST HAVE for safe boating and survival at sea, covering the ColRegs (Collision Regulations), IALA Maritime Bouyage system, lights and signals, radio comms, shipboard safety, Navigation, Meteorology and more…

Sails and Rigging:

The Riggers Locker – Brion Toss You can’t go past this book for all things Rigging on board. Ever wondered how the folk your local Marine company splice up your ropes and wire rigging – and how to do your own maintenance and repair? This guide will take your through step-by-step.
The Sailmakers Apprentice, A Guide for the Self Reliant Sailor – Emiliano Marino This all round guide is a must for Cruisers covering all aspects of sail type, shape and theory, how to make your own sails and importantly – how to make your own repairs.
Illustrated Sail and Rig Tuning – Ivar Dedekam A practical and well illustrated guide on how to trim your sails and rig for optimal perfomance on longevity.

Electrical and Mechanical:

How Boat Things Work An Illustrated Guide – Charlie Wing An easy to understand all well illustrated guide for beginners.


Cornell’s Ocean Atlas – Jimmy and Ivan Cornell Satellite based Pilot Charts for every ocean in the world.
World Cruising Routes – Jimmy Cornell Includes expected winds, currents and seasonal weather for over 1000 crusing routes around the world.
World Voyage Planner – Jimmy Cornell Plan a voyage to and from anywhere in the world, with suggestions on tropical storm areas and critical months, suggested detours and ports of call.
Landfalls of Paradise The go-to Cruising Guide for the Pacfic Islands.
100 Magic Miles – David Colfelt The Cruising Guide for the Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands.


Coastal and Offshore Weather – Chris Parker An easy to understand guide to learning how to read and predict weather.
Coastal Navigation – Jeff Toghill One place you really need to know your Nav is along a coastline. This will easily guide you through the tricks to Navigation.
Storm Tactics – Lin and Larry Pardey If you’re going to sea – you need this book.


Where There Is No Doctor A definitive ‘what to do next’ book for 1001 Ailments and Occurrences without the availability of Medical help.
Dangerous Marine Creatures Illustrated guide on what to look for, what to avoid and what treatment to provide if you have an incident.

Logic Will Get You From A to B.

Imagination Will Take You Anywhere!


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