Explore the World
By sail with us!
Explore the world
By sail with us!
Explore the world
By sail with us!
Explore the world
By sail with us!
Explore the world
By sail with us!
Explore the world
By sail with us!
Explore the world
By sail with us!

Ahoy There!

We are Darren and Meg an adventurous couple who live an alternative life – a life at sea.

Simply put, we feel better connected to ourselves and nature when we are sailing. In cruising, we live simpler and have less impact on the environment, and to us, sailing is an exceptional way get to remote places, meet amazing people, experience different cultures – and discover what the oceans and our planet have to offer.

We have 30+ years of cruising knowledge to share – and hope to inspire you to find your connection through our travels – so join us and follow our adventures as we sail around the world and explore our beautiful planet!

Sending happiness and love

Darren & Meg


Learn about live-aboard life – and keep up-to-date with the amazing places we visit!

We Travel Not To Escape Life,

But For Life Not To Escape Us!


We move according to our desires and the seasons. If we find a gorgeous anchorage, or somewhere curious – we might just hang for a bit.

Keep track of our movements no matter where we are in the world via our Live Tracking service.


Great gifts for the Cruising Sailor


If you know of a festival, an event, an island or location that is not to be missed, we want to hear about it!

Drop us a line via our social feeds – and let us know what you’re thinking. We just love an adventure!


Get involved with Citizen Science Projects:

Meg shares: “I was deeply impacted by my first experience with our ‘Oceans of Plastic’ whilst sailing in Thailand in 2008. We had anchored up at a stunning island in the middle of nowhere. We swam to shore to what we thought was our own private white sandy beach, however discovered that we had to swim through masses of floating rubbish to get to the beach which was also covered in rubbish. I was shocked at the extent of plastic that surrounded us, and was saddened to be advised later that only Scientists could collect the data needed to help our planet.”

Now, years down the track it’s fantastic to see projects opening up where ordinary people can make a difference. Here is our contribution to the understanding of and clean up of our Oceans.

You can help too – please join us!


Add meaning to your cruising life:

We have a tendency to cruise to remote places, partly because of the adventure, mostly because of the incredible experiences and connections we make with the people we meet on the atolls and islands further out from their nations mainland. These remote communities are generally off the beaten path and often receive no support, nor supplies from the outside world.

We make a point of taking useful items to trade with locals, however find that what is most valued is simply, our time. Time spent sitting with locals, sharing experiences and lending a helping hand are greatly valued. And in this we have had some of our most beautiful moments.

See how you can get involved:

Live Simply, Laugh Often, Travel, Inspire & Connect - Meg